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I have a customer that is experiencing major performance  issues on their single-instance dfm server.  They currently run OM 4.0.2D5 and in addition to monitoring/alerting, they have more than 4000 snapvault relationships that are being managed from the server.  The envrionnent is windows 2008 w/ 4 dual core CPUS and 16G of memory, with a 2Gb network throughput.  44 nodes are being managed in this enviroment.  I would like to suggest that they move to Oncommand 5.0 preferably 5.1 and have two instances that will enable them to split their workload protection manager workload across the two.  While a third instance would be used for PA and OM monitoring and alerting.  Has anyone done something similar, and what was your migration plan? Is it just as simple as installing three new DFM/OC 5.0 servers on three different hardware platforms and disable monitoring and alerting options on the two that will function as protection Manager servers or is there more?  In addition, what impact would this have since SNMP requests will be occuring now between a given controller and three DFM servers.


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This is possible by disabling some of the monitors. Please go through the below posts.


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Thanks you for your response kJag,  It seems that I cannot access these posts however.  I tried the links and I get unauthorized.  When I proceed to login, I get broken link.

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