PA Charts one hour delay

Hi all,

My customer have in all the Charts a delay from one hour. See picture. The core is running on a Linux Box. Linux, Windows, Filer time are correct. Except the Chart time...

Any hints ?

Thanks in advance

Re: PA Charts one hour delay


As per the time range specified Jun01 , 12 06:45 - Jun 01, 12 07:45 the chart has been displayed correctly, I don' t see any discrepancies here.

Can you check the time from the DFM server  side ( if it is linux box), use the date command and see if  there are any discrepancies ?

One can not compare the time difference with the local system ( windows box) on which the NMC client is running to those of these charts, rather these charts are aligned with the DFM server timings.



Re: PA Charts one hour delay

I have checked the time on the Linux Box. The time on the Linux Box and on this Windows Box are the same (8.45 am). Only the Charts have the latest time one hour behind. 7.45 am and not 8.45 am

Re: PA Charts one hour delay

Hi Renem,

      What is the timezone of the Linux and Windows box ? Are they in different time zone ?

NMC uses the timezone of the machine on which it is running and not the DFM server time.



Re: PA Charts one hour delay

[linux-box:cluster ~]$ date

Fri Jun  1 12:10:23 CEST 2012

and it's connected to the central time server. CEST is correct ...

Re: PA Charts one hour delay

Hi Adai,

Yes the timezone is correct.

[linux-box:cluster ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/clock




[linux-box:cluster ~]$ date

Wed Jun  6 15:49:22 CEST 2012

[linux-box:cluster ~]$ date -u

Wed Jun  6 13:49:23 UTC 2012

You see that also the summertime working correctly. Except the charts are between the UTC and CET ( UTC+1 or local time -1).

Has the DFM any option to configure summertime enable or not ?