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Qtree Utilization Sample update

We are seeing qtree sample not updating for one qtree,out of hundreds of them,

we did refresh several times,we still see last known utilizatio rate of 95% while status show Green
We see below in the logs, this is on Windows Server
Ayone Run into this issue for (3.8.1) ?
DFMmonitor log
"Mar 17 12:47:58 [DFMMonitor:ERROR]: Unable to spawn command: rsh  ...
Mar 17 12:47:58 [DFMMonitor:ERROR]: Unable to execute vfiler run usctfp0002 quota report -stx for host usctns001b.xyz.com."

dfm about

Version                 (3.8.1)
Serial Number                    1-50-005580
Administrator Name               xyz
Host Name                        usctfpd00003
Host IP Address        
Host Full Name                   xyz
Operations Manager Node limit    100 (currently managing 70)
Operating System                 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (Build 6002) x64 based
CPU Count                        4
System Memory                    32764 MB (load: 8%)
Installation Directory           D:/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM
                                 52.1 GB free (53.9%)
Perf Data Directory              D:/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM/perfdata
Data Export Directory            D:/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM/dataExport
Database Backup Directory        D:\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\dbBackup
Reports Archival Directory       D:\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\DFM\reports
Licensed Features                Operations Manager: installed

Re: Qtree Utilization Sample update

Does this qtree belong to a vfiler ?

Are quotas still set on the qtree ?

Can you get the dfm detail output for the qtree and dfm event detail for the full utilisation of the qtree in question ?



Re: Qtree Utilization Sample update

Also can you get the dfm diag esp the object counts to see the nubmer of treequotas and userquotas ?



Re: Qtree Utilization Sample update

Here are dfm detail and dfm diag output

Re: Qtree Utilization Sample update

From your dfm diag.


sql Error Unknown

http Error Unknown

eventd Error Unknown

monitor Error Unknown

scheduler Error Unknown

server Error Unknown

watchdog Error Unknown

Looks like all services are not running.

Can you check it with dfm service list?



Re: Qtree Utilization Sample update

The cmd was not opened as admin ,

Here is new Diag