Remove Snapshots - 7Mode

Hello Guys,

I am trying to get the list of snapshots from the selected volume and delete the selected snapshot.

I am trying to query the snapshots from the volume, but for some reasons its not working:

SELECT as ''


    storage.volume as volume,

    storage.array as array,




    snapshot.volume_id =

    and = '${volume}'

    and aggregate.array_id =

    and = volume.aggregate_id

    and = '${aggr}'

    AND (

        array.ip = '${storage}'

        OR = '${storage}'


I am also attaching the a part of the workflow which shall list the storage/volume/aggr and snapshots that needs to be deleted.

Need your help to get the list of the snapshots from the query and then i can proceed further.


Re: Remove Snapshots - 7Mode

I figured out by myself.

I need to enable snapshot Caching in the WFA it self.