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Unified Manager vs System Manager Overcommitted Different ?

Can anybody shed light on why Unified Manager and System Manager show quite different numbers for how overcommitted an aggregate is ?


All of our aggregates exhibit the same behaviour with UM reporting quite a bit more overcommittment on every aggr.



THe Avaialble space , Used space and Total space are all the same. But UM shows an overcommit of 45% and System manager shows 30% in the exmple attached


Is this a reporting error in one ofe the tools or am I overlooking something ?


Re: Unified Manager vs System Manager Overcommitted Different ?



It maybe due to a bug in UM. Refer the links below:

https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka11A0000001Mwz/oncommand-unified-manager-observed-aggregate-over-commit-warnings (needs login)

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Re: Unified Manager vs System Manager Overcommitted Different ?

THanks for the reply


Unfortunately neither of those bugs seem to apply to what we are seeing,


All aggregates are showing is more overcomitted in UM compared to SM , but not by the sort of numbers eluded to in those bugs. It feels like UM is counting something else , or twice , or somthing odd as all the figures are showing about 20% or so more than SM.

Re: Unified Manager vs System Manager Overcommitted Different ?

Logged with support and got this reply if antbody else is interested - 


The following kb explains the difference in committed space in OCSM and OCUM:



So UM calculates overcommit by volume level taking into account the Maximum Auto-Grow size set on all volumes with it enabled as well. SM does not do this.


Hence the difference between the two tools.


Now to decide which measurement to 'use' ;-)