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XML Connectivity failed - HTTP error 507


I am working on a SIMBOX simulator to try to replicate some odd behaviour I am seeing in DFM 4.0 in production. The simulator and the Operations Manager instance that controls it were setup some time ago and worked fine but at some stage it has lost the ability to communicate with the filer via XML.

dfm host diag output includes the following failure:

XML (https port 443) HTTP POST - failed, status code = 507

All other tests appear to have completed successfully.

When I attempt to provision storage on this simulator via NMC I receive the error "Aggregate XXX is not a suitable candidate for this provisioning operation". There are also various other alerts present in Ops Manager such as "Host Communication Failed" and "Host NFS service is down".

I have tried changing the admin transport from HTTPS to HTTP (set hostAdminTransport and httpd.admin.enable) but this doesn't resolve the problem. The login credentials are correct (root) as verified using SSH.

Any ideas what the root cause of this error could be?


Re: XML Connectivity failed - HTTP error 507

To solve this issue, you may try increasing max connections using option  httpd.admin.max_connections in SIMBOX.

Re: XML Connectivity failed - HTTP error 507


Options httpd.admin.access all

Also make sure DFM-Managment-passwords are set.

Re: XML Connectivity failed - HTTP error 507

Ridiculous as it sounds, somebody rebooted the sim and now it works fine again. So there may have been something "wrong" with the http service.