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system manager no longer talking to filer


I was using system manager fine up until 17:30 on Monday.  Since then no software has been installed (including windows patches).  I am the only admin on the server.

Yesterday I tried to connect to the filers using systems manager but the mmc console it uses in effect keeps timing out.  It very slowly populates the navigation tree with some items on the left but quite often shows a small red circle with horizontal white line at the root level and also displays the hourglass on the nodes.  I have left it a good 10+ minutes waiting for it to finish displaying with no luck.

I installed it onto another server which initially worked but then stopped and now it intermittently works although mainly doesn't.  I have had the network switch ports checked and they all show the correct speed and duplex and no errors on the ports.

I can use putty perfectly fine from the servers to the filers.  I can also use filer view from the same servers to the filers although filer view doesn't work correctly for anything needing to draw something as it just displays the red x icon.

This just doesn't make sense as it has been running fine for ages.

The servers and filers are on the same local subnet so no firewalls getting in the way.

Anyone experienced this or have any suggestions ?

The servers are running windows 2003 standard sp2 x64.



Re: system manager no longer talking to filer

rle Netapp Alumni

Are your filers using a lot of CPU cycles?

   - Rick -