vFiler DR questions using Protection Manager

IHAC that wants to use the vfiler DR plug-in and has some questions.

I seem to remember that there was a limitation on the number of volumes per vfiler for this to work. Does anyone know what that limitation is?

Also, do they need synchronous snapmirror license?

One last question - can the target vfiler be on a different network? If so, is there a DNS or DFS component required for continued host access?


Do we have any documentation on this?

Re: vFiler DR questions using Protection Manager

Hi  Stephen,

                   The limitation if any should not be any different from what ontap support as the plugin uses Ontap API. Pls refer the ontap documentation.

As far as I know and remember, Data Motion is the one that enforce volume limit per vfiler due to synchronous snapmirror limitations.