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An Error when attaching cinder volume to nova instance



I'm performing Openstack and NetApp integration PoC test at customer site.
But an error occurrs when attaching a cinder volume to a nova instance.

Could you help me?

Openstack - havana version
Ubuntu 12.04
Nova instances - NetApp 3250 on cDOT over NFS
Cinder volumes - NetApp 3250 on cDOT over iSCSI

1. creation of Nova instance - OK
2. cinder volume creation with 'cinder create' command - OK
3. cinder volume attaching to a nova instance which was created step#1 with 'nove volume-attach' command - error

<error description>
When checking 'cinder list' command, it says that it's just 'attaching' status without change of status for a long time.
(it looks like a 'hang' situaton)
NetApp System Manager shows the created LUN and IQN information of host successfully.
We checked the created LUN is recognized on host with 'fdisk -l' command result as well.
It seems that there is a problem when attaching a volume to a VM from hypervisor by libvirt. I mean that NetApp storage<->Hypervisor over iSCSI is OK.

My questions are
1. Have you ever seen the same error before?
2. Is it OK to use nova instances over NFS and cinder volumes over iscsi at the same time? (Storage controller for both of them is same)

Best Regards.



The situation was changed.

The first cinder volume(LUN0) attachment is successful to a nova instance.

But when trying to attach the second, third cinder volume for multiple volume attachment to the nova instace, it fails.

Have you ever seen this case before?