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How copy image in Cinder Volume? (on NetApp Volume)


Please advise us if there is a way to copy Cinder Volume.

I used "cinder upload-to-image" with --disk-format option,then a unused space is truncated.But actually available space is not done shrink.

How would you suggest that we copy and compress, or How would you suggest that we copy not via the network in cooperation to FAS.



Hello Eiji-san,

The "cinder upload-to-image" command is intended to upload a bootable cinder volume into a glance image.  Is that your intention?  Your attached cinder.log didn't reveal a problem with that operation upon cursory inspection, but based on the wording of your original question I'm not certain that's what was intended.  If it was and the basic question is around the --disk-format option, that's intended to specify the type of VM image glance ought store it as.  The various options for such are documented here:



Thank you for the information.

I will use your explanation as reference.

I am requested because I'd like to create images from cinder volume without NW traffic.

For example NetApp Deduplicate..

Do you know of its function exist in NetApp without using OpenStack Command.

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