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QoS error

I sometime encounterd the following  cinder error of QoS policy command for file .( Kilo and CentOS7.1 base)

What does mean a code :13005?  and  Is there any workaround for fix?


<Fail case>

2015-10-19 20:45:07.895680+09:00: invoke_successfully res:<cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.api.NaElement object at 0x3e3cf50>

2015-10-19 20:45:07.895819+09:00: invoke_successfully stat:failed

2015-10-19 20:45:07.895921+09:00: invoke_successfully code:13005


<Success Case>

2015-10-19 20:45:57.043984+09:00: invoke_successfully res:<cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.api.NaElement object at 0x41f4cd0>

2015-10-19 20:45:57.044170+09:00: invoke_successfully stat:passed

2015-10-19 20:45:57.047071+09:00: invoke_successfully 0




Naoyuki Yamada


Re: QoS error



What specifically are you doing to trigger error code 13005?  Can you be a little more specific?


Do you get that error during normal operations, or is it a specific operation that triggers seeing 13005?  Does it happen intermitently, or all the time?

Re: QoS error

Hi Naoyuki-san,


Can you please post some details of your setup. What is your QoS policy and how are you invoking it? Please show your extra-specs-list and also the QoS policy on the FAS.





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