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Restore / Sis-Clone / snapshots Openstack questions (comparing to HP lefthand)


1. Restore from snapshot. When we make snapshot through Openstack, it is actually sisclone on NetApp. The problem is that when we want to restore instance from snapshot, we should kill the old instance and create the new on using snapshot; and floating ip is lost. How can we restore instance from snapshot w/o loosing ip? By the way no problem with Lefthand - just tell LH restore from snapshot using LH GUI and actually that is it.


2. Then we create new instance, it is actually LUN on backend FlexVol, and it is NOT thin provisioned. I is necessary to change LUN properties using System Manager. Could we change something in Openstack in order new VMs would be thin provisioning from the beginning?


3. Snapshots are actually clones. Could we somehow delete original VM w/o deletiing snapshots? In System Manager on FAS we can, but on Openstack we have a message that we can't delete VM w/o deleting snaphots first.



Hi There


So here are some possibilities:


1) How can we restore instance from snapshot w/o loosing ip? - One option is to create a new cinder volume from the snapshot and boot the cinder volume as a new instance. So in that case you can leave the old instance in place and boot the new one - it will get a new IP from DHCP.


2) Regarding thin provisioning - that depends on some changes to the cinder scheduer that have been proposed but not yet implemented:


3) To preservet the snapshot but delete the volume you will have to create a new volume from the cinder snapshot, delete all the snapshots, then delete the volume. This is the only workaround I am aware of.


Hope this help!


Jeff Applewhite