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Hi ,Now I use Manila and have some questions.   Please answer the following questions.   Question1.After creating snapshot on Netapp side, nothing was more
Hi ,Now I use Manila and try to create manila share with create_share_from_snapshot_support option.   When ShareType create_share_from_snapshot_suppor more
Hello experts Is netapp fas support to configuration max_over_subscription_ratio? The following is my manila.conf ,i find max_over_subscription_ratio more
Hello experts Sorry for bother again. We are testing migrate volume between Aggr, there is the following error in manila log. Our storage is FAS A300, more
Hello experts Is it support for user to define cifs port?  not use the default port
Good morning, this is my first post to this forum. I'm tasked with building a large OpenStack Queens private cloud at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center more
Hello experts Sorry for bother you. We use Openstack manila manage netapp FAS storage to provide nfs. The manila-share is down,and the log has the fol more
Hi,Now I failed to deploy the Manila with NetApp Driver on share server management in reference to below docs. more
Hi all, I have a distributed OpenStack setup -- one controller and three compute instances. The "network node" is the same as the controller. I have a more
Hello. We are using cDOT8.3P2 and OpenStack Queens on RHEL7.5.   When we create volume, "NaApiError: NetApp API failed. Reason - 14970:Clone operation more