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A Cinder volume corresponds to a file within the NFS share provided by a FlexVol. The space is consumed when you write actual data in the Cinder volum more
Hi,   I want to create a share with "spec: revert_to_snapshot_support".  after I created a new share (volume01), I saw the share status is "error".  I more
Hello Team,   I have Netapp powershell tool kit and trying to automate file restore operation using snapshot. I have found below    Restore-NcCifsShad more
Interesting issue we have seen during ONTAP upgrades in OSP environment. During the upgrade from 9.3 to 9.5 we have seen across multiple clusters in m more
I have 2 questions. 1) Copy offload from Glance FlexVol to Cinder FlexVol was not working in my customer environment and my test environment. - Test e more
My customer is building on OpenStack infrastructure. They use NetApp FAS as NFS backend for Cinder and Glance, but copy offload is not worked well. Ca more
Hi,   We are seeing a strange issue where some ISCSI attach attempts are resulting in a "Out of Resource" error message from the Solidfire node. We se more
Working on an openstack (Redhat OSP13) that uses netapp for the backend storage ( cinder/nova/glance ).  the netapp is a FAS2720 running the latest 9. more
Hi ,Now I use Manila and have some questions.   Please answer the following questions.   Question1.After creating snapshot on Netapp side, nothing was more
Hi ,Now I use Manila and try to create manila share with create_share_from_snapshot_support option.   When ShareType create_share_from_snapshot_suppor more
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