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do I scale devops


I have created azure devops with a few organizations/projects in it. Do I need to scale or replicate it across different datacenters so all the developers across the globe can access it? Any references appreciated.


Re: do I scale devops


Assuming these workflows work everywhere, you'd just need to replicate the data.

What is the data like?

DevOps workflows would likely reside in appliation-specific storage (Git, container registry, etc.) and those are easy to clone or pull from anywhere.

If you have generic data that lives on NFS, you could use CloudSync ( to periodically synchronize it to different datacenters (target can be any NFS server, other protocols are also supported).

If you have data only on NFS and that NFS is ONTAP (including CVO in cloud and/or ONTAP Select VMs in remote locations, for example), you could use ONTAP FlexCache to avoid the need to synchronize via scheduled push.

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