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I wanted to check if NetApp has done any integration with hadoop clusters from partners around the world or may be using openstack wtih SAHARA.  i am using openstack KILO so i didn't find any documentation or link with SAHARA on KILO release but i found installation and other links with icehouse release which is not i need (


Can anyone point me if SAHARA is still on the phase of integration or its deprecated (may be spin off from openstack)








My colleague Jeff Applewhite posted a great blog entry and wrote NetApp Technical Report (TR-4464) titled "Manila and Sahara Integration in OpenStack Using NetApp NFS Data in Hadoop and Spark".  See the following and let us know if that helps:


Sahara is an official project and is listed as such on the OpenStack Project Software Navigator here:


Hello hi, 


For openstack sahara, visit here which helps you in detail.


For Sahara UI Dev Environment Setup and tests, reach


Looking for Openstack trainer to help you in all the queries, then reach here.




Thanks Dave


It's also worth mentioning that the requirements for some of these higher level services are not so strict. In other words we have customers who are using a more recent version of Trove with earlier versions of OpenStack and the same applies to the Sahara service. In some cases you will want the latest functionality even though you are on an older release. The downside of this of course is that your OpenStack distribution will likely not support this configuration, but if you are willing to go your own you can run these services on seperate controller VMs and not void your support agreement. Really the primary dependency is on Keystone and with Sahara if you need file shares you will need Manila and Cinder for Block storage.


Hope this helps


Jeff Applewhite


Hi Jeff


Do you have the latest document of SUSE OPENSTACK CLOUD 6 On NetApp Clustered Data Ontap ( i have your TR-4404 but thast on SUSE CLOUD 5) 


I have SUSE CLOUD 6 running, however i dont' see the data processing tab on my horizon dash board ? any idea how to get it ?





forgot add one.


CINDEr configured with NetApp CMode and its working where i can volumes and attach, also  manila share is visible and its in horizon dashboard where all manila options availabe but data processing is not ?







Sorry for coming back on this. i read this document before asking , however it is complex to undertand what version if this supported. 

First we are using SUSE CLOUD 6 which Maila share already configured  there but i dont see Data Procesing tab on Horizon dashboard which is what i need to understand how to get the Data processing tab (as highlited in your T-4464 document page : 15) . Do you know if this is simple to add or how to get this ?



in our SUSE CLoud 6 we have SAHARA.conf file available on our admin node but it was installed any plugins because we use barclamps . Any idea how to get this. (one of the TR-4404 Jeff Applewhite mentioned about SUSE CLOUD 5 supported but i don't see any new document on SUSE OPENSTACK CLOUD 6 on NetApp Clustered Daa Ontap ) ?


Can you check or adivse the best option to get both 




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