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Hello, There seems to be bug with the sectrace cmdlet "New-NcSecurityTraceFilter".   When creating a new filter with a "WindowsName" the specified Win more
Hi,   Does anyone have a definitive list of the APIs that need to be granted to allow read-only access from powershell? We're trying to automate repor more
I am trying to use PowerShell to script the audit configuration process and everything is working except New-NcFileserviceAudit. From what I can see i more
Hello, I'm trying to script backup and restore of SF Volumes to/from S3 storage. Backup is fine. But restore command (Start-SFVolumeRestore) seems to more
Hello PS Gurus, I have issue combining Invoke-NcSsh and Select-string.  PS C:\Users\user1> Invoke-NcSsh "storage failover show -node $Node" |select-st more
Hi, myself and at least one other customer has run into the following; PS C:\Users\user-xxx> Connect-SFCluster -Target Connect-SFCl more
Hi All, I have a really perculiar issue with the commandlet new-sfvolume and its SFconnection parameter. In short, it seems to ignoring that parameter more
it's Easter time and we've put together a little easter egg hunt on our GitHub page.Check it out at more
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