SolidFire and HCI

SolidFire PowerShell Easter Egg Hunt


it's Easter time and we've put together a little easter egg hunt on our GitHub page.

Check it out at


See if you can find all of the easter eggs. please don't try to look at the commits and difs. That's basically cheating and not clever cause we know you can do it.


Submit your favorite easter egg in this forum and on Twitter. Please mention @SolidFire in your tweet so we don't miss any of them.


Hope you get a laugh out of this and have a chance to check out the cool things we're legitimately doing with PowerShell!


OH! And if you get the number of easter eggs right in the responses you could win a BB-8 controlled from your smartphone.


Happy Easter and happy hunting!


Josh, and the SolidFire PowerShell Tools team