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"certificate has unknown CA"


Hi All,

I'm trying to connect to, which uses StorageGRID, in order to create a special remote with git annex. I can't get past the following error. I also posted about this on the git annex forum and they suggested installing self-signed certificates, though I didn't have much look with that. Perhaps I didn't install correctly. Any advice?


jbwexler$ git annex initremote snd-2020-51-in-progress type=S3 encryption=none public=yes bucket=snd-2020-51-in-progress protocol=https requeststyle=path

initremote snd-2020-51-in-progress (checking bucket...) (creating bucket in US...)
git-annex: HttpExceptionRequest Request {
host = ""
port = 443
secure = True
requestHeaders = [("Date","Mon, 19 Apr 2021 18:46:54 GMT"),("Authorization","<REDACTED>"),("x-amz-acl","public-read")]
path = "/snd-2020-51-in-progress/"
queryString = ""
method = "PUT"
proxy = Nothing
rawBody = False
redirectCount = 10
responseTimeout = ResponseTimeoutDefault
requestVersion = HTTP/1.1
proxySecureMode = ProxySecureWithConnect
(InternalException (HandshakeFailed (Error_Protocol ("certificate has unknown CA",True,UnknownCa))))
git-annex: initremote: 1 failed



Re: "certificate has unknown CA"


If you have an internal or external CA that you want to create and sign a certificate with, there is a detailed process here:


This process walks you through creating the certificate request (CSR) and signing the certificate with an internal Microsoft CA.


Hope this helps.

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