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BlueXP backup and recovery guided demo - Setup a 3-2-1 backup and restore and corrupted volume


As an IT manager overseeing your company’s operations, you know the importance of keeping your business applications and databases running smoothly. You require nothing short of the best-performing storage systems that guarantee the utmost data availability and security. You need to make sure these workloads are backed up in case disaster strikes.


NetApp® AFF storage offers BlueXP backup and recovery for efficient, secure, and cost-effective data protection of NetApp ONTAP® data, databases, applications, and virtual machines. BlueXP backup is especially simple compared to storage systems from Pure and Dell that require extra backup hardware and software solutions from a third-party vendor.​ Backing up AFF storage with BlueXP doesn’t require any additional hardware or software and is extremely simple to setup and manage.

BlueXP backup and recovery backs up your on-premises and cloud-based data to an object store. The service performs block-level, incremental-forever replication and preserves all storage efficiencies, which significantly reduces the amount of data that’s replicated and stored.


This approach optimizes your bandwidth consumption, minimizes the performance impact on production, lowers costs, and makes it easy to meet the SLAs of your most demanding workloads. AFF backup gives you more control over how backups are created without adding overhead and complexity.


You can easily implement the full 3-2-1 backup spectrum from a single point of control with integrated management for primary, secondary, and backup to remote objects. And when you need to recover your data, you can restore entire volumes, directories, or single files by using a searchable indexed catalog.


What’s more, BlueXP has built-in ransomware protection, which immediately does a snapshot and alerts you to an attack. You can then recover quickly and restore the corrupted volume in minutes.


I’d like to invite you to experience BlueXP backup and recovery for yourself with these guided demos. 

  • Implement 3-2-1 data protection.
    For those of you who aren't familiar with it, 3-2-1 backup means having three copies of your data: the original data and two backup copies. These backups are stored on two different types of media, with at least one of them being offsite. This strategy is intended to protect against data loss caused by anything from natural disasters to cyberattacks. In this guided tour we're going to back up our AFF system to Amazon S3 and replicate it to Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
    Start the 3-2-1 protection guided demo

  • Restore a corrupted volume
    An application has crashed and corrupted a volume. You need to get the application up and running ASAP. In this guided tour you’ll experience just how to quickly you can restore that corrupted volume.
    Start the Restore corrupted volume guided demo


Backup and recovery is just one of the many capabilities built into BlueXP, which provides unified control of storage and data services across your on-premises and cloud environments. With intuitive insights, powerful automation, and integrated services, BlueXP delivers the operational simplicity required to thrive in today’s hybrid multicloud world.


If you want to learn more visit the BlueXP backup and recovery product page.