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See for yourself just how easy it is to use BlueXP to manage your intelligent data infrastructure


As a NetApp® customer and user, you have data in a wide range of environments, across your brick-and-mortar datacenters and extending to at least one cloud, if not several. You know and use System Manager, Active IQ and AIQ Unified Manager, which may be fine for your on-premises environments, but with most of you are extending to the cloud, things are much more complex.


What if there was a better way? What would it take to achieve operational simplicity?


In a word, unified – unified control, unified management, unified experience…


NetApp® knows unified and delivers it through NetApp BlueXP™. BlueXP delivers unified control for intelligent storage and data services management across on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructures. It enables operational simplicity through unified experiences, intelligent insights, and automation with the integrated protection required for today’s intelligent data infrastructure.


BlueXP unifies the management of your ONTAP® storage, on-premises or in the cloud, and the data services you require, through one point of control. It’s drag-and-drop technology and intuitive wizards allow you to easily discover, deploy, manage, and optimize your storage with one experience across all. The tools you love are fully integrated for quick access without having to change interfaces. And this all enables your generalists to perform the tasks historically required highly specialized (and expensive) experts.




BlueXP makes controlling and managing your intelligent data infrastructure easy!


But don’t believe me. Take this interactive BlueXP overview demo and see it for yourself!




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