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What’s got your customers down? Sustainability? Staffing expertise?


Today’s challenges in managing infrastructure, storage and data are immense. Data proliferation is everywhere. The pure scope of controlling resources, keeping them working efficiently and effectively, and making sure you have the right personnel on staff to control this invaluable information, can be overwhelming. The struggle is real, but not insurmountable.


Let’s look at two specific challenges and see how two storage owners - Bob & DJ - handle them in our Day in the Life series.


One topic that is top of mind globally is sustainability. In many instances, reducing energy consumption is mandatory, by governing bodies, industry, or corporate mandates. Doing more with what you have goes hand in hand with these efforts. So, how can you manage your environment, while determining the resource consumption of your storage environments, from a single point of visibility?


BlueXP delivers energy consumption and storage optimization details across your NetApp ONTAP® systems. These fact-based insights are consolidated into the BlueXP sustainability dashboard, which provides visibility into how efficiently (or not) your AFF and FAS systems consume energy.


It allows you to determine which systems are consuming the most resources, to help you make an informed decision the viability of those systems, if it would be more economical and sustainably responsible to refresh them with new energy-efficient, higher performing systems. For those systems that are still within a refresh period, but potentially not optimized, the dashboard delivers action-based recommendations and guided remediation.




See out how Bob and DJ tackle sustainability in the ‘How green can you go? video?


Another concern is overcoming skillset dependencies. Having the right personnel resources, who are skilled enough to manage your data, storage, and infrastructure, can be difficult to find and when you do, can be very expensive. When you factor in the required skills to manage not only on-premises, but also deploy hybrid cloud or multicloud environments too, your options narrow quickly. And that does not even take into effect the need for security and data protection specialists, or staff that can handle storage health and monitoring, optimization, mobility, and other functions. You try to find the holy grail of IT staff, who can handle it all and control the connections between your disparate estate, but often get frustrated with the quest.

BlueXP enables unified control with AI-enabled delivers intelligent insights, intuitive wizards, and automation, all work together to enable like management experiences across storage and data services. Workflows are the same throughout. Wizards enable staff to discover on-premises storage in seconds and deploy cloud environments in minutes. The ability to drag-and-drop one environment to another to initiate a data service relationship between the two allows your entire staff to perform the tasks in the same manner, regardless of the source or destination, or service enabled. With BlueXP, days of hiring highly specialized staff who only focus on their area of expertise are gone.




See out how Bob and DJ tackle skills dependency issues in the ‘Labor shortage nightmares’ video.  


These two may seem disconnected, but they aren’t. The key is finding the right storage and data services technology available on-premises or in the top clouds, with centralized management, to help you ensure your intelligent data infrastructure is running at peak performance. All while enabling all your IT staff to perform any task, across those environments, with operational simplicity and like experiences. 


BlueXP delivers unified control for intelligent storage and data management across on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure, that enables operational simplicity through like experiences, intelligent insights, and automation.


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