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Complementary to the on-demand INSIGHT sessions on NetApp TV, we've arranged an exciting lineup of LIVE sessions that will be hosted in the official NetApp Discord, spanning all three days of INSIGHT.

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(If you haven't already, take a second to register for INSIGHT ➡️


The festivities begin with our annual Keynote Watch Party. Afterwards, on top of all the on-demand sessions from our technical staff on NetApp TV, we have hand-picked a few key presenters and topics that we expect a lot of you will not only want to hear more about, but also have questions for the presenters. It's a lot like an in-person breakout session.


In addition, we'll be hosting a series of Panel Q&A Round-table sessions where you can request to speak and ask the panel a question. We expect these will be really hot-button topics of interest, and expect a lot of interactive conversation and debate! In fact, we encourage it!


We're excited to bring this live extension to our digital event this year and hope you'll join us for three days of awesome presentations, conversations, and learning.


Join us on Discord and browse the events list in the top left corner. We'll have ONTAP deep-dives, a cybersecurity roundtable, Hardware Universe updates, and a variety of portfolio overviews, just to name a few of the sessions.


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