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Single-Click Firmware Update in System Manager 9.8


For those who have updated the disk and shelf firmware, you are not alone feeling that the process is not intuitive. In NetApp® ONTAP® System Manager 9.8, we have implemented a new interface where the update process has never been easier-it can be done within the UI with a single click. Let’s pull up Cluster Overview and click the three dot icon on the top right and select ONTAP Update. Next, navigate to the firmware update page. After we select the firmware file from either a server location or the local machine and click Update, it will take care of the rest in the backend and show you the status when it’s done.




In the next blog, let’s take a look at some of the ONTAP 9.8 feature integrations in System Manager 9.8, including the new File System Analytics feature.


Where can I learn more?


Please see a list of useful resources at this link.