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System Manager 9.8 – New ONTAP Feature Integrations


In NetApp® ONTAP® System Manger 9.8, we integrated MetroCluster IP configurations and FSA (File System Analytics) features from the ONTAP 9.8 release. Let’s take a look at them together.

The MetroCluster configuration and setup was a daunting task in the past but now it has become so simple. The process has been streamlined and using the System Manager 9.8 UI, you can control and execute the process from a single place.






FSA is a new feature in ONTAP 9.8, and you can access it within the Volumes -> Explorer tab UI within System Manager 9.8. It helps you to visualize file level access activities, and you can detect any anomaly right away for potential ransomware activities.





In System Manager 9.8, one of the most asked questions is around NetApp Snapshot™ size display. You might have noticed from the Snapshot UI that the size information is not included in the new interface.


The most common reason to care about Snapshot copy sizes is when you need to delete some Snapshot copies to free up space in a volume. The calculations to determine how much space can be recovered by deleting particular Snapshot copies are time-consuming and can be complicated. And because the Snapshot size might lead administrators to inaccurate conclusions, System Manager 9.8 and the ONTAP 9.8 APIs no longer display the size of Snapshot copies. If you wish to see this information regarding the Snapshot copy sizes, you can use the CLI to extract this info.




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Where can I learn more?


Please see a list of useful resources at this link.