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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating Systems Data ONTAP 7G (Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode), Clustered Data ONTAP 8, Data ONTAP Edge and their data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hello, I have an FAS2554 system that is off support so asking here.  The system was upgraded to 9.7P1 recently.  Our Qualys scanner tagged the array a more
Hi,   I am trying to analyze Flash Pool candidacy and optimal cache size for an ONTAP cluster. It is running ONTAP 9.3P13. I followed the instructions more
I noticed while reading notes on 9.6P7 and 9.7P2 that the TDP SnapMirror type has been restored! That is a huge game-changer and somewhat shocking it more
Thankfully, I discovered today that OnTAP 9.6 will not support the 7 Mode Transition Tool, according to the Release Notes. I say "thankfully" because more
Hello,   We received the following message   EMERGENCY "boot.varfs.backup.issue: Backup of the /var file system has failed (found 67 files missing dur more
We are migrating our two-node FAS2552 (9.3) cluster to new switches. The new and old switches have L2 connectivity. All 4 10G ports are in use on each more
Fabric Pool: S3 External Capacity Tier creation failing.   Error: Data ONTAP API Failed: Cannot verify availability of the object store from node <nod more
Hi, I created a FlexGroup, then I decided I needed it to have the same geometry as a FlexGroup on another system. So I deleted it and recreated it. I more
Hey, It seems like the new system manager for ontap 9.7 only allows to view the Applications page but not to create or modify. Can it only be done thr more
Hey all,   I'm experimenting wiht OT Select in our lab. Today I upgraded Deploy to 2.10 to be able to use software RAID with ESX as I have a host (for more
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