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X1151A Datasheet


Hi All.

Someone can tell me where or how to find an official datasheet of the PCIe card X1151A (111-04635: NIC,100GbE, PCIe gen3 x16, Smart IO) for AFF A400?

Thanks & regards



Re: X1151A Datasheet


What’s there to know besides

  •  our enhances efficiencies as an offload card on certain AFF platforms
  •  it is used as the dedicated cluster network card when using 100g (or 40g if you must)
  •  Only the 10Gb cards are allowed in slot 2 right above it
  •  it is always part of those certain AFF platforms and cannot be removed
  •  it cannot be used on a FAS

Official datasheet: X1151A Datasheet


Thanks for the answer.

But my problem is: without an official datasheet, I cannot codify the card into Alstom internal database, named "CLAMP". (Alstom is the company where I work).

In the NetApp Universe, I can find the card but I cannot find an official datasheet: I can find photos of X1151A that look like photos made by a child with his smartphone. In every case, if I try to export anything, I get anonymous PDF or XLS documents, that are not official datasheets (they are without  any stamp, copyright, etc. of NetApp)

So, I cannot codify anything about X1151A, so I cannot order it...

Can someone help me with an official NetApp datasheet? For me, it's OK photos of official papers included into the box of the card, too...

Thks & regards

                        Sandro Cosenza

Re: Official datasheet: X1151A Datasheet


Talk with your local Netapp sales team. They would have to be the ones to Share that information


 i suspect if I have access to it as a partner I’m not allowed to share. 

Re: Official datasheet: X1151A Datasheet


@TMAC_CTG wrote:

if I have access to it as a partner. 

Do you? I tried to find anything about this card (as a partner) on support portal. I found nothing. In the past there were separate documentation sections for add-on cards (HBA and network). There is nothing now. Not only for this card, but for any other.

Re: Official datasheet: X1151A Datasheet


The only information I have found that is close to a datasheet is in Agile.

That info is internal use only so someone above my pay grade would have to decide if the information could be released to the customer.

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