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10 OCUM questions


Hi there,


we use OCUM 9.4 and we have a couple of questions:


1) why do I need to login to OnCommand System Manager* with "domain\username" and with just the "username" on OCUM*?

* both using Active Directory authentication

2) why is the storage summary report not including/showing single-node clusters?

3) why is it still not possible to set a remote backup location for backups?

4) why is it still not possible to (easily) clone alerts (

5) any chance to modify multiple alerts, mentionend in 4) at once? Like adding a new event to several alert groups

6) any chance to add warranty details from ASUP/ActiveIQ and all Config advisor recommendations/warnings into OCUM?

7) any chance to get a better/easier capacity planning? Which vols/aggr grow the fastest, more realistic "days until full" estimations

😎 any chance to get estimates of savings when migrating from volumes on non-ssd to ssd-aggregates which have aggr. level dedupe, compaction etc. enabled?

9) any chance to get some easy report builder? it would be nice to be able to clone an existing report and modify the missing details we look for, instead of struggling with eclipse and a ton of tables...

10) any chance to orchestrate configurations backups of ONTAP clusters from OCUM to either a local partition or a remote destination?







Hi @thomasb82,

Here are the answers for your queries,

[Answer 1]: No, we can’t do. For AD user we need to specify "domain\username" in OnCommand System Manager, This is because when you add domain user in the cluster, the password is not added. Authentication is done by Active Directory and we need to redirect the user to correct Active Directory authentication.
Where as in OCUM,the mapping of username is done locally.


[Answer 2] : The Storage Summary report enables you to view summarized information about storage capacity in the HA pairs. This information helps you to understand possible capacity risks and to take appropriate action to rebalance workload. Single-node cluster information is not visible in the report.


[Answer 3] : When Unified Manager is installed on Windows, the path that you specify for a remote backup file location in the Database Backup Settings dialog box must be a mapped network drive.

When Unified Manager is installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you specify the remote location and verify that the "jboss" user has write permissions to the backup directory.
Where as in vApp, we do not have an option as of now to take the backup on the remote location.


[Answer 4] and [Answer 5 ] and [Answer 6 ]: Thanks for your recommendation, Please have support case, so that we can have an RFE raised for the same.


[Answer 7 and Answer 8] : Currently we do not have this feature in OCUM.


[Answer 9] : Currently we only have Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT).


[Answer 10 ] : Please have a support case created for this query.



Hi aattar,


sorry, but somewhow I get the feeling "it is like it is, so that's that".

I have created several features requests in the past and often mentionend it in cases.

As nothing happend I thought I take the chance to post it here as it sounded like NetApp is interested in feedback/questions.


Anyway, I guess I was just hoping to a response like "yes it is confusing to need the domain\ prefix for one product and not for other, let me bring this to the developers so we streamline it" or "yes, good idea/request, I will make sure it is added to the feature request list"




Hi thomas,


Absolutely, we will work on this, please have case created for this RFE, We really appreacite your feedback which will help us to enhance our product. Thank you for taking your time and posting this queries with us.


With OCUM 9.4 is necessary install OCPM? or in this version the performance module is included ?


Hi Oscar,

From Oncommand Unified Manager 7.2 onwards, Oncommand Unified Manager and Oncommand Performance Manager are binded in single application where you can monitor health and performance of the clusters. No separate application is required to monitor performance of the clusters.


To answer your query. Yes, Performance Module is already included in Oncommand Unified Manager 9.4 where you can monitor health and performance of the clusters. 


Thanks & Regards,



For #1, you could consider using the SAML ticket open in OCUM to connect to ANY NetApp stuff.


Also, we need better views accross time for aggregate, volume and also have a complete view for SVM like where are the lif and volumes accross the cluster.