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[7-mode] Per domain cpu utilization missing on CLI/ZAPI in OCUM but available in NMC



I'm trying to get performance counters using ZAPI from perl (in order to export graphs to XLSX file). 

I can get regular performance counters (like FCP average latency) but I'm getting problems with domain busy. 




Counter "processor:domain_busy" is invalid.



When I check on CLI on the OCUM it also doesn't show the domains.


C:\Users\XP96SMPlsa>dfm perf counter list NTAP-20A-OW:processor:*:*:*
Object    Instance                 Counter                  Label1    Label2    Unit      Priv
-------   ---------                --------                 -------   -------   -----     -----
processor processor3               processor_busy                               percent   basic
processor processor3               processor_elapsed_time                       none      basic
processor processor3               sk_switches                                  per_sec   basic
processor processor1               processor_busy                               percent   basic
processor processor1               processor_elapsed_time                       none      basic
processor processor1               sk_switches                                  per_sec   basic
processor processor2               processor_busy                               percent   basic
processor processor2               processor_elapsed_time                       none      basic
processor processor2               sk_switches                                  per_sec   basic
processor processor0               processor_busy                               percent   basic
processor processor0               processor_elapsed_time                       none      basic
processor processor0               sk_switches                                  per_sec   basic

But when I use NMC to connect to OCUM in Performance Advisor fot the same object NTAP-20A-OW I can see the processor per domain utilization. 



I have previously used the same perl code to connect to older DFM (4.2) and it worked. What do I have to do to get the domain counters over ZAPI/CLI ?