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AHR-Invalid character for name


Hi all,

I've created a regular expression for AHR to identify hostnames from switch alias that seemed to work...or at least this is what it let you believe.

In switch alias I have Adapter_A_rm_hostname or Adapter_B_rm_hostname and I've created Adapter_(.*) as regular expression. In preview I can see red underlined the correct path that will be extracted (A_rm_hostname or B_rm_hostname, customer want both). Format is \1.

But nothing happen and clicking on Preview button I've got 0 matches and the No Match window report "invalid character for name". Which name? Which char?


PS) OCI is 7.0


Re: AHR-Invalid character for name


Underscore is an illegal character in hostnames per the IETF RFCs. If you want to allow this, there is a checkbox to do so on the first tab of the AHR configuration page

Re: AHR-Invalid character for name


Hi Matt!

thanks a lot. I would have never thought!

I knew that RFC but I thought that OCI considered just label if there's no DNS lookup.


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