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I have a question regarding the data that is in some tables/fields in the OCUM database. For example, there is a table called: aggregatehistoryyear, a more
Hello,   Upgrading form unified manager 7.3 to 9.5, noticed that the overview dashboard no longer holds 'Unresolved Incidents and Risks' panels. I fou more
I'm new to WFA. I was working on a workflow to: 1) Have the user select a snapmirror and perform a break. 2) Run a reverse resync against the broken o more
Looking for a release notes file explaing what commands the script is setting, creating, global parameters such IP6, Jumbo Frames. Does  it set CDP? more
Dear Harvest community,   We have a hotfix for two bugs that we found in Harvest. If you are using Harvest 1.4.1, please run the hotfix as per the ins more
Hi everyone,   We have an issue with the Invoke-NcSSH command. It was working very well for months and suddenly, last friday, the command failed and r more
We have athe latest install of Netapp Harvest on CentOS 6.6. We are using FILER for performance data.  We can collect data ok and the pollers are runn more
I was testing WFA 5.0 RC1 and noticed that the variable "$_WFAUser" is no longer working with the new HTML5 GUI. How do get the information which user more
I just upgraded to OCUM 9.5 and noticed a new feature that is supposed to appear on a volume page - specifically, it now includes data under "Capacity more
Dear all,TL;DR: Harvest gets very high Latency and IOPS values from Ontap 9.4 systems. We prepare a workaround to solve this partially. You can use ou more