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AIQUM v9.7 Upgrade from v9.6P1 in vCenter fails with disk .iso error


Have v9.6P1 running in vCenter. Upgrade .iso for v9.7 GA is loaded in content Library. Took a snapshot, attached the .iso in VM settings from the CL.  Log into the console interface and run the upgrade. Receive the error:


Setting up ISO...

E: Read error - read (5: Input/Output error)

E: No CD-ROM could be auto-detected or found using the default mount point.

   You may try the --cdrom option to set the CD-ROM mount point.

   See 'man apt-cdrom' for more information about the CD-ROM auto-detection and mount point. Invalid ISO.


So there is not diagnostic CLI  interface like there is the the VSC/VASA appliance console interface, AIQUM is very limited in its interface capabilities, which irritates me a bit, but i get it.

There's an old reference to a similar problem for a v6.x that was a manual address fix, but the KB has long been removed for NetApp KB Article 2025520

Any ideas?




Upload a new copy of the .iso file directory into storage and not the Content Library resolved the issue.


Looks like the Content Library sync of the file wasn't completed, missed about 600KB.


Nuts.  Check your hashes...