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Account Lock out issue when running,creating,editing reports


Interesting issue with one of our end users.  When they are trying to create and run reports their AD Account locks out.  I want to know if anyone else has experienced this.   I'm curious as to see what would cause this issue.



We have had the same issue for a while, NetApp is not helping, we got the same answer about nested groups and no resolution. Did anyone get this fixed or found a root cause?


Is this from trying to create/run reports within OCUM?  If so, do they ever succeed?  An account can get locked out from trying to login to OCUM with a wrong AD password, but if your user gets locked out after doing something successfully, then I don't think that's ever happened to us. 


User logs in fine and can browse OCUM without issue.  Issue only happens when creating/running reports.  Netapp said it could be the way the AD Account is or nested groups.  I'm not buying either of them. 

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