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Active IQ OCUM 9.6 migrate


Hey folks,

I am running Active IQ 9.6 base OVA that has been updated from previous releases.
The OCUM is not working well right know and is restarted few times a week.
My idea is to migrate all of the data (performance, rules and etc') to a different server.
I was wondering if there is any guide on performing this, I wasn't able to find any info related to this procedure.




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I would post your question in the "Data Infrastructure Management SW" forum for help :


thank you


hello again,


i moved your post to the appropriate group for further  assistance.


thank you


Have you opened a case with Support for investigation of the problem?


You can capture a backup and restore this backup to the exact same version of UM installed on a new server.  A VMware (OVA) UM backup can be restored to a new VMware (OVA) UM instance or a new RHEL or CentOS UM instance.   See page page 573 in the Online Help (PDF link: for Configuring Backup and Restore Operations and details.  


General answer is yes.


We have an internal backup mechanism. This backup can be imported in a new instance of Active IQ Unified Manager and all is as it was. If you are using it already for some time, You might want to disable it and create a new one in a new folder after enabling again. Then you do not have mysql incremental dumps which take more time to restore. You need to transfer the backup itself and the backup subfolder containing all mysql dumps to the new machine.

How to backup and restore is covered in documentation. If there are specific problems/questions - a support case will help to solve it.