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Adding vCenter to Balance


I'm trying to configure OnCommand Balance for the first time.  I am running of Balance.  I connected up just fine with storage but am not able to get connected to my vCenter Server.  I am using our AD crediantials but it won't connect. It says the username/password is incorrect. I am able to use the same creditials and log in to vSphere just fine. 

Any suggestions?




Re: Adding vCenter to Balance


Hi Mike, 

Make sure that the credential you are using is at the datacenter level in Virtual center  (Top of the navigation Tree in Vsphere) other wise it will only be able to monitor the cluster or host it has access to.  Try logging into the vcenter/vsphere with the credentials you wish to use in Balance .  Then rule out a typo by re- entering the creds into Balance.  The credential only needs to be a read-only but if you have another credential to try, sometimes it sheds some light on why its failing.   Lastly, make sure it is a supported Vsphere version e.g 4.1, 5.0  etc 

Best regards,

Don Bourque


Re: Adding vCenter to Balance



The credential that i'm using is the admin account  to vCenter.  On the Add new vCenter Server page:

IP -

Port - 443

Login - domain\serviceaccount

Password - password

Does this look correct?  I'm able to open vSphere 5.1 with the userid and password. 

I do have an & in my password and i remember having issues with that with Netapp storage.  Could that be my problem?

Re: Adding vCenter to Balance


Hi Mike,

Everything you stated appears correct and the "& " should be ok.  You may need to open a support case for them to look more indepth at the server logs.   See KB articles on How to get the Balance diagnostic logs. 

As for the credentials, try to stay within the RFC1123 guidelines which match what is stated for characters in the Installation guide.

I provided you a list of characters that I have seen cause problems over the years with various devices and management utilities:

<spaces> in passwords (EVA's fail)

Ctrl Characters such as [TAB]


. (period)


umlaut characters:  ä, ö, ü

Underscores ( _ )  I have seen statistics collections w/ HDS storage navigator fail with " _ " in the password

best regards,
Don Bourque

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