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WFA 2.1 interpret var with "$" in text as nul



I created kind type of command to stop remote SQL service that worked fine in wfa 2.01

$MachineName = 'gdc01172'

$Instance = 'SGEDYNT1'

$Service =  'MSSQL$'+$Instance

(get-service -ComputerName $MachineName -Name  $Service).stop()

It works fine in PS debugger, however in WFA 2.1  $Service is viewed as null and workflow crash with error

***in Powershell_ISE

PS C:\Users\itsfe> $MachineName = 'gdc01172'

$Instance = 'SGEDYNT1'

$Service =  'MSSQL$'+$Instance

(get-service -ComputerName $MachineName -Name  $Service)

Status   Name               DisplayName                          

------   ----               -----------                          

Running  MSSQL$SGEDYNT1     SQL Server (SGEDYNT1)     

**in WFA

16:37:51.779 INFO  [_start_stop_SQL] Error: You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.

Is somebody experience the same with $ char or is $ is treated differently from 2.1 version?

Help appreciated



Re: WFA 2.1 interpret var with "$" in text as nul



     I don't think there has been any change with this regard since WFA2.0.1.

I tried a similar but not the exact scenario on WFA 2.1 and I didn't face any problems

I created a dummy windows service with name NA_WFA_$DB on my WFA server and used a command to call the following.

On powershell I was getting this:

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-Service -ComputerName localhost -Name 'NA_WFA_$DB'

Status   Name               DisplayName

------   ----               -----------

Stopped  NA_WFA_$DB         NA_WFA_$DB

PS C:\Users\Administrator>


On WFA command, I added a snippet



part2='NA_WFA_$' + part1

$Service_name= 'sinhaa' + (Get-Service -ComputerName localhost -Name $part2).Name


This passed in execution for me. $Service_name gave sinhaaNA_WFA_$DB

This means even with the presence of $ in the Name, my execution was successful and it didn't return a null object.

Are you still facing the issue?

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Re: WFA 2.1 interpret var with "$" in text as nul


I retried and that worked now, I don't know what is spent.

My service SQL is successfully stopped with service name.

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