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Alert of SnapMirror Lag Times


This is a simple question... I actually thought it would be a simple task... but its not  turning out that way.

We have OnTap 8.3.2 with OC Unified Manager 6.4


We snapmirror snaps from 2 critical volumes every 15 minutes...  I want to configure an alert that emails me when the lag time on these gets to be 30 minutes.


so far in UM, I've found that I can setup an alert for SnapMirror Relationship Lag warnings... but at what threshold?

So, I go into Setup Options > Thresholds > Relationships and find this... "Lag Thresholds for Unmanaged Relationships (what does that even mean?) And a setting in %


Why is this set to default 150% for warning and 250% for critical?  what does this mean?  150% of what?



why can't we just keep this simple..

Alert me when the lag time is = x


this was possible in 7-mode solutions


Why does it seem like NetApp is de-evolving?


I'm hoping someone out there can show me that I'm just missing somethign here....





Its still the same, just different.


Those values are a % of your cron job


So, 150% of 1hr is 1.5hours  Then you get alert .. and so on

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Its still the same, just different.


Those values are a % of your cron job


So, 150% of 1hr is 1.5hours  Then you get alert .. and so on


Thanks for the quick reply and explaination... I'll go with that



but my point remains...

why has Netapp gone from this...


to somthing that has none of that...


what was so hard about providing us a straightforward way of creating an alert that simply says hey, let me know if the lagtime on this exceeds 'x' min.  This stuff doesn't have to be obfuscated. 


My colleague and I struggle to find anything useful in the current UM and also struggle to find well explained documents on any of it.  I has a horrible UI, and seems to present a small fraction of the usefullness of previous versions.  If we're ignorant, and they are in fact in there somewhere, then they've hidden them well.  


Why can we not have ONE tool, baked into Ontap

When I create a volume I want a wizard that has pages that ask - hey, would you like an alert on this volume?  would you like to protect this volume? would you like alerts on that protection?


sorry for ranting but frustrated with whatever vision NetApp has right now



I hated protection manager.  I know some people loved it, unless you got hit by 'reaper', which was dbreaper and it would wack relationships.


I tend to find the new solution adequate.   


I hear your rant, but things are getting better.  I'm telling you, i still miss performance advisor, but life goes on.


And I tend to disagree, the UI on 7.x is great.