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Cluster Snapmirror Lag


Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I wasn't able to find it.

I'm looking to find the lag time for snapmirrors on c-mode. In 7-mode, when we did Get-NaSnapmirror we could get LagTimeTS. So far I'm unable to find lag time for c-mode and I can't tell if I'm just blind or if it's not there. Has anyone else run into this?

PS C:\> Get-NaToolkitVersion

Major  Minor  Build  Revision

-----  -----  -----  --------

3      1      1      181

PS C:\> Get-NcSnapmirror

SourceLocation                                DestinationLocation                           Status       MirrorState

--------------                                -------------------                           ------       -----------

svmnas1:tst_smb_01                                 svmbkp1:svmnas1_tst_smb_01_dp                                  idle         snapmirrored

PS C:\> Get-NcSnapmirrorDestination

SourceLocation               : svmnas1:tst_smb_01

DestinationLocation          : svmbkp1:svmnas1_tst_smb_01_dp

NcController                 : nas01

DestinationVolume            : svmnas1_tst_smb_01_dp

DestinationVserver           : svmbkp1

IsConstituent                : False

ProgressLastUpdated          :

RelationshipId               : 22ec4394-2a6f-11e4-872c-123465829712

RelationshipStatus           : idle

RelationshipType             : data_protection

SourceVolume                 : tst_smb_01

SourceVolumeNode             : nas01-c

SourceVserver                : svmnas1

TransferProgress             :

IsConstituentSpecified       : True

ProgressLastUpdatedSpecified : False

TransferProgressSpecified    : False


Re: Cluster Snapmirror Lag


There isn't a LagTimeTS member for Get-NCSnapmirror as far as I could tell.  I've used LagTime to get the seconds since the last transfer and I've worked with that before. 

To find relationships older than a day: get-ncsnapmirror | Where-Object {$_.lagTime -gt 86400}

To change the output from seconds to date format I did the following:

get-ncsnapmirror | select SourceLocation,DestinationLocation,@{n="Lag";e={(get-date).addseconds(($_.LagTime * -1)).tostring('MM/dd/yyyy')}}

SourceLocation                                         DestinationLocation                                    Lag                                                
--------------                                         -------------------                                    ---                                                
SRC:usrvol1                                   DEST:usrvol1                                         09/15/2014                                         
SRC:vol_homedirs                              DEST:vol_homedirs                                    09/15/2014                                         
SRC:vol_test                                         DEST:vol_test                                       01/29/2014                                          

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Re: Cluster Snapmirror Lag


Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

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