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new-ncsnapmirror -type transition_data_protection

I am trying to create a new snapmirror using new-ncsnapmirror

New-NcSnapmirror -SourceVserver -SourceVolume cml_p_srvdesk -DestinationVserver netappsvmcml01 -DestinationVolume cml_p_srvdesk -type transition_data_protection

I get the error

New-NcSnapmirror : Failed to get information for Vserver (entry doesn't exist)

Previous, I created a vserver transition peer as seen below

LocalVserver                                   MultiPathAddress                              NcController                                    SrcFilerName

------------                                          ----------------                                      ------------                                          ------------

netappsvmcml01                                                                                      netappcmlcl                           

This works via c-dot command line

netappcmlcl::> snapmirror create -source-path -destination-path netappsvmcml01:cml_p_srvdesk -type tdp

Operation succeeded: snapmirror create for the relationship with destination "netappsvmcml01:cml_p_srvdesk".


Re: new-ncsnapmirror -type transition_data_protection

Changed context to using

new-ncsnapmirror -sourcelocation -destinationlocation -type transition_data_protection

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