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Applying an OCUM Annotation in a WFA Script


In my WFA volume creation script I would like to add one final step - adding an OCUM annotation to the new volume. However, I cannot figure out how to do it. I do see a "Volume_Annotation" Dictionary item but I'm not sure where to start in using it. I don't see any other volume annotation objects in WFA. Any suggestions?



Hi Tomas,


I've searched around however i've there does not appear to be API or CLI for OCUM annotations, it appears to be UI only function, however if you connect to the "ocum" SQL database you can view the annotation information. In theory it would be possible to execute a SQL statement from WFA to OCUM to insert the annotation. For example...



INSERT INTO ocum.annotationmanualresourcemapping (annotationTypeId, annotationValueId, resourceId, resourceType)
VALUES ((SELECT type_id FROM ocum.annotation WHERE name = 'high'), (SELECT id FROM ocum.annotation WHERE name = 'high'), (SELECT id FROM ocum.volumelivelistdtoview WHERE = 'cifs_data_003' AND volumelivelistdtoview.vserverName = 'vserver1'), 'volume');

You would probably also have to update the following tables:



  • annotationofvolume
  • annotationresourceobject

You would need to connect to the OCUM database as a user who has access to insert into the tables (IE root).

Please note that I haven't fully tested this and i'm not sure it will work, just an idea for you to explore.



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Thank you very much! It's a bummer that this isn't built-in functioality, but it is good to know there might be a way to do it via MySQL statements. Unfortunately I am not a SQL guru by any stretch, but I will play around with options and see what I can come up with! Thank you again.