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SnapVaulting scheduling and distribution in WFA


Hi All,


I'm writing some workflow to automate the creation of volumes. By default all new volumes should be vaulted to another cluster.


I have the workflow working to create the corresponding destination volume, setup the SV relationship and initialise it.



But what about scheduling?



It seems that I need a SnapShot_Policy on the source volume, with an associated (Job) Schedule (wrapped in a Snapshot_Policy_Schedule) which will create SnapShots at specific times and label them for use by SnapVault .



And then also something (another Schedule?) to specify when the actual SV copy operations should take place?



The main question. There will be quite a lot of these volumes, distributed across many SVMs. I would like to distribute all of these SnapShot and SnapVault copy operations "randomly" in time so as spread the load on the Clusters and network. For example:


   Volume SnapShots for use by SV should be created at some random time sometime between 22:00 and 04:00

   The SV copy should take place in the time window 23:00 - 5:00 but at least 15 minutes after the source SnapShot


Can anyone suggest ideas how to implement something like this in WFA?


I could create new SnapShot and SnapVault schedules + policies specific to each new volume, as part of the volume creation workflow. But the the question becomes, what limits does ONTAP place on the maximum number of schedules and policies that can be defined in a cluster?


Or perhaps you have an alternative idea about how to achieve this? Or am I barking up completely the wrong tree?


Thanks in advance for you suggestions!







Since you need some "extra functionality" with "random schedules" I see the only way to do it outside of WFA as a script and then point your WFA to that script.

In this sense, SnapMirror Toolkit and/or NetApp PowerShell Toolkit might be handy.