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BI with Grafana/Graphite Harvest


Hi folks, 



We are managed services provider and we have to provide reports to our customers. 


We use zabbix to monitor  the different devices of our customers (network devices and netapp array) and we use zabbix for alerting. Regarding the netapp I can poll a lot of information by snmp but since cDOT it's impossible to poll the metrics for performances. 



I have to build reports with a summary of the performances, so I tried to query the database of OPM but it's not really "human readable". 



Now, we are implementing Grafana to provide a real-time access to our customer more "sexy". I implemented harvest and send the data to our graphite server. We can have very nice dashboard on Grafana regarding the performances. 


What I would like to do is to collect the metrics from graphite by our BI tool and create my reports like the charts from graphite/grafana. The problem is that the database is based on whisper and I cannot connect my reporting tool to this database and do some queries to collect a summary of the performances. 



Do you have a solution to extract the datas from the database of graphite to our data warehouse database. On this way, I will be able to built my report from our data warehouse. 



I don't know if someone have the same problem. 



Thank you in advance


Best Regards,


Re: BI with Grafana/Graphite Harvest


Hi @Joel_BNC,


You have two main options:


(1) Use Harvest to populate Graphite and then use a script to pull from Graphite and put into your SQL DB

(2) Use OPM to collect and store data, use API Services and add OPM as a mgt station, and then use a script to pull data from API Services and put it into your SQL DB


Dhiman Chakraborty and I had a session #59851-2 "Monitoring Performance Using NetApp OnCommand Performance Manager and API extensions" at NetApp Insight 2016 that talked about both of these.  (1) gives you more details/flexibility but you are reliant on a few open source solutions.  (2) uses NetApp supported components that you can log a support case about, but has less details/flexibility.  For SLA reporting though I'd imagine the detail you get from (2) is enough.


 Maybe you attended Insight and can login the event portal and review this session?



Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Re: BI with Grafana/Graphite Harvest


Hi @madden



Many thanks for your answer. 


Yes, I attended to your session #59851-2 but as you said with Harvest I have more details and flexibility.


Secondly we don't have permanent VPN with all of our customers and it's more simple for us to use Harvest to pull the data over the Wan to our Grafana/Graphite server. With this solution, we will have all the datasources to our DataCenter and for the reporting is more simple for us. 



I will investigate your (1) option and see how to do the scripts to pull data required into our SQL DB. 



Thank you for your support and for Harvest too 🙂



Best Regards,


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