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Hi folks,   I need to send a json file when an alert occur. Is there a way of doing the json file automatically ? if i need to do it with a script, is more
Hi Folks,   What is the utility/package  to send emails from a perl script in the 9.4 version?  sendmail is not there anymore... If OCUM send emails f more
Is there a way to disable polling in OPM 7.1?  The customer I'm working with has setup a new server for OCUM 7.3, but doesn't want to lose the histori more
I'm trying to gather multiple values from a user input query selection. Here is an example selection:     And here is the query behind it:   SELECT more
Hello,i'm not getting anywhere with netapp support on this topic and was hoping somebody in the community might be able to help. We currently use ROOT more
The overcommitted threshold set at 100% is breached. 350.00 TB (202.11%) of 173.17 TB is committed. 5.24 TB (3.03%) is used. Data Capacity     173.17 more
Hello Chaps,   Has anyone been able to edit the html of the WFA login page, we are a big linux house and users are not used to tying in domain\user so more
Hello Community!   I am trying to slightly customize the OCUM 9.4 build-in Qtree Capacity and Utilization Report to summarize   if a Qtree Disk Used % more
I have a New NetApp deployment.  My ESX hosts have access to HPE 3PAR(FC), Oracle ZFS(NFS) and NET APP(NFS).  Are they any known issues with NetApp wi more
I am looking for the simplest method to get Active Directory deployed.  It is required to have a separate SVM to have AD Authentication working?