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Oncommand Unified Manager headroom report


Dear Community Experts,


We are using oncommand unified manager 9.5 version and there is no inbuilt headroom dashboard or reports on OCUM.

We see there is an option in OCI about the headroom report. We tried to build the custom report using existing MYSQL database tables and need some insights about the reference DB tables associated with getting the desired headroom report.


Is there any product documentation or info about the mappings of existing dashboards with backend DB tables. We are actually trying to leverage the inhouse tool for creating custom reports for which we need to understand the existing tables and give information to other teams about the required tables to parse to get the desired result. We don't have direct access to the report tools(like Tableau, IBM Cognos) to play with the OCUM Mysql DB data.


I am actually trying in the Simulator environment to check the OCUM performance DB tables and trying to write the custom queries. I have gone through general TR documents related to OCUM DB and reporting.


Any inputs are highly appreciated.








Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.  I am aware of this Performance capacity  and we are actively using it but we do have many clusters in our environment and we are looking to get a kind of report. The OCUM is showing as graphs and i see there is no option to convert  or use as a report across all the clusters. We do see in OCI we have these reports can be generated but we are looking for the same kind of functionality in OCUM.

The only option I see is understand the backend Mysql tables  and  logic and write the custom queries to pull the information as report.





Ah. Sorry I'm not as good at the detailed stuff within UM like that. Maybe something like this exists:


I  tried getting into my lab AIQUM and it's down, so I cannot research further on a working instance. You might check with Support or the account team, but I think from the Support side, we may not be able to provide much.



Can  any one provide their inputs?


Hi All,


From the statistics command we can get the headroom information.

statistics show -object resource_headroom_[cpu or aggr] -raw -counter <countername such as ewma_daily, ewma_weekly, or ewma_monthly> 


But, the ewma_daily/Weekly/monthly data is showing only the current point in time data and i didn't understand the exact functionality.

If i want to get the headroom data for the peak business hours, then i have to start the stats and stop and record the current utilization and optimal point utilization and then do a math.  Running for every 10/15 minutes may not be a ideal way. Is there any way we can achieve this functionality or any method to retrieve the headroom data from the ASUP data/Cluster/node level to prepare a kind of report.


Does AIQUM Performance Capacity not work for you?


Hi  paul_stejskal,


Thanks for your reply. I am not sure about the AIQUM 9.7 as we are still using OCUM 9.5 due to some dependencies.We have plan to upgrade to AIQUM 9.6/7 in near future.


Does AIQUM9.7  has Performance capacity reporting ? . I mean  can we create a report for it under REPORTS section .The main thing i am looking here is to get a performance capacity report(Excel/PDF) for all the clusters.

Thanks for your help in advance.





I'm not sure if it's possible to create a report like that or not. Maybe you can go to the node section and add in the rest of the nodes of the cluster.

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