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Balance Statistics Intervals


It seems that critical information isn't being rolled up until about an hour after an event (i.e. we cannot log in to balance see issues in real-time.)

How do we tune Balance to get us VMWare storage statistics in real-time?


Re: Balance Statistics Intervals


Balance is not geared towards real-time monitoring, OnCommand Performance Advisor and perfstats are better solutions for this.

Balance is used to get an idea of which workloads are driving the storage and virtual infrastructure overall. Balance collects performance statistic every 15 minutes, and analysis runs at the top of the hour. Raw (15 minute stats) are available on some graphs.

What is the difference between Raw Data, Moving Average, and Daily Trend on various graphs in OnCommand Balance?

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Re: Balance Statistics Intervals


Thanks.  Are there any performance or availability risks to adding virtual machines to Balance monitoring?  It seems pretty easy to add them, but we'd like to make sure it doesn't impact performance.

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