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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

How to upgarde the DFM Version from 4.0.1. to 5.2


Hi Adai,

I got some question for you. I am new to this DFM and i want to upgrade my current version to 5.2 from 4.0.1 and do i need to follow any particular steps to this like can i jump straight to 5.2 from 4.0.1 or i need to go for any intermediate steps in between to do this  ? i need to know the procedure for both  in place and out place DFM upgrade.

Please kindly advise on this. as well as i got an other issue too on my current DFM alert management for inodes. i did create a custom report to generate an alert on my DFM to trigger the event when volume run out of inodes though i can see the message popping on my filer when inodes become full i did this manually by testing on test volume created but i dont receive any email alert or sms alert which i tried to confiure on my current DFM settings.

i do need your advise on this too.





Hi Siddartha,

To upgrade from 4.0.1 to 5.2 I recommend that you create a backup (also if running on a VM, stop the DFM services and create a VM snapshot), upgrade to 5.0.2 to prune any excess performance data (bug 439756), then after another backup, upgrade to UM 5.2. 

Be aware of the following:

1) As of UM 5.1 (and higher) you will need to choose a mode upon install/upgrade - either 7DOT or cDOT.  The choice will indicate the mode of controllers that UM server can manage. 

2) 5.2 is 64 bit software only

3) Due to the database pruning process that occurs upon the 5.2 upgrade or db backup restore the time to complete will potentially be much longer than previous upgrades/restores.

As always, I recommend that you test this process in a sandbox environment prior to performing it on the production server.

As to the inodes question, I am not certain of the exact question but am hoping these KBs might be of assistance:

DFM: How to create a report on volume inode utilization

Can the values for the Inodes Almost Full event be adjusted in DataFabric Manager?




Hi Kryan,

Thanks for the reply. as of my scenario i got current DFM 4.0.1 version  installed on the win 2003 server and i need to migrate this to a newly setup DFM host (win 2008 64bit). so i tried to sort out myself the following

  1. Install OCUM 5.2 on preferred location in server B (win 2008 in my case)
  2. Take an archive backup of the DFM 4.0.1 on SeverA (win 2003 in my case)
  3. Copy the backup taken in step 2 to <installdir>/DataFabric Manager/data directory of Server B (win 2008 64 bit)
  4. Execute the cli dfm backup restore <backup filename>

are these steps can make the things to work out or i still missing any  steps ? what about the license can i use my old DFM version license to activate on newly installed DFM host or i need get new license ?

Please kindly  assist



Your license key will in fact work on the new server and version of software.

Theoretically the restore you plan should succeed.  However, if it fails or if you notice any undesired behavior after the restore I suggest that you install 4.0.2 on the new server, restore that same backup, then upgrade as I suggested above.  A particular step might still fail but we will be able to zero in on the failure at that point.




Hi Kevin,

I manged to upgrade the DFM from 4.0.2 to 5.2 successfully on windows 64bit server. i tried to trigger some alerts and verify whether they working seems to be fine.

now i am getting alerts from both my old and new dfm host i want to remove the older one from functioning.

so can i go head and stop the services on the old DFM host so that i can stop getting alerts from this host ? do i need to stop all the services or just stopping SQL alone can do ?

BTW need to check with you do i need put in the snmp trap of the new DFM host info inside all the filers because i got 30 over filers ?

Please advise.




Yes, I recommend stopping the old server services if the new server is functioning as you desire.  Double monitoring adds load to the controllers in addition to causing double alerting.  You can create a final backup on the old server and then uninstall DFM - it will not remove the logs or data.

If your controllers were configured to send traps to the old DFM server, then they must all be updated for the new server name or ip address, whichever they are configured to use.  This does not affect normal UM monitoring though, as that is a pull operation.  It will only affect those things that UM cannot detect through normal monitoring.

How to configure DFM Alerts for Volume Autosize, Maxdirsize Reach, or Snapshot Autodeletion



Got it. But I got some issue now though there are snmp

Traps are recorded in dfm it was unable to send the alerts

via SMS or email for some reason.

It's something intermittent dfm sends out alerts some time and some times

unable to send out to my user from where I configured policy

For "volume almost full and full" events

It's making me mad even I updated smtp to new IP

address but the result is same

I would be happy if you can share some info.



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