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Bluearc and Equalogic



Just curious if there is any support for these two storage platforms?  If not, anything planned (probably not for Bluearc I'm guessing).





Hey Chris,

Disclaimer - what follows is jibber jabber from an OCI SE, and is not an official roadmap statement, nor a statement from OCI PM. Read at your own risk.

Hope all is well. Right now, neither of these are on our short term roadmap. In the Dell camp, we have had more interest in Compellent vs Equallogic. We do have Bluearc / HNAS customers, but the more popular requests have been for extensions of existing datasources, such as XIV array performance (shipping as a beta with OCI 6.4.2, has been available as a patch for a couple quarters), etc.

We implemented "node" as a storage object in OCI 6.4.1 - we have additionally been extending some datasources to populate some of the new counter fields we added. OCI 6.4.2 ships with 7 mode, cDOT, and EMC Symmetrix support. We are actively researching extending our v7000 / SVC support to include perf counts at the node object as well (as CPU utilization seems to be something that needs contemplation on these 2 platforms).

As always, we maintain the ability to re-prioritize nearly all data source projects according to demand, and as such they may fluctuate unless they have been presented as having  a hard commit on a roadmap. Our roadmaps may or may not include our top priorities, but without a hard commit, projects may move up or down, and as such may be postponed indefinitely. As most data source projects can be done without changing the server infrastructure, we don't necessarily plan data sources in the context of specific releases - we might be able to go off and develop Compellent support because it is a block storage array, and ship support as a patch or within a data source service pack.