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CDOT Workflows?


Do we have a complete list of all completed Cluster Data On Tap Workflows? I am particularly looking for an example of a workflow that can build a CDOT environment from scratch.

If you've completed a workflow designed for CDOT please post its name and what it does.




Hi David,

I'm not aware whether there is a single workflow per se that can "build a CDOT environment from scratch" , but the following pointers should be of assistance in building the environment.

  • Day-0 Workflow Example - Install / Update OnTap software
    • Link :
    • Description :  Uses 'software update' to install or update software.  Uses a Linux "Jump host" to copy software images to /etc/software on the controller.  Also disables HA cluster failover monitoring ('cf disable'), reboots after software installation, waits until controller is back up again, and re-enables cluster failover monitoring
  • Workflow Example: (C-mode) Create new vServer and volumes
    • Link :
    • Description : This workflow allows the user to create a new vServer on a selected cluster, and create up to 10 volumes of the same size and security style.  This workflow is very straightforward and it has a couple of other capabilities in it that can be useful as examples for other workflows (staggered user inputs & looping).
  • Cluster-Mode Sample workflows provided in 2.0
    • Sample Cluster-Mode workflows provided in the 2.0 release provide a vast array of cluster-mode mode setup operations like creating a cluster-mode NFS volume, creating a cluster-mode volume CIFS share, create map and protect cluster-mode luns, establish cluster-peering, etc.

Hope this helps you get started on building the CDOT environment!