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CIFS report from Storage Automation Store




I just downloaded and imported the CIFS report from the STorage Automation Store.!Shares&reportVersion=1.0.0


I imported it and ran it.

Unfortunately it does not list any content from my particular environment but rather data that seems to be present when the report was designed.

It contains data about only a single cluster "nj-cl01" abd just two SVMs "nj-infra-01" and "nj-demo-01".


How can I get the report to list content actually stored in my OCUM inbstance?


Btw. this is the third time I downloaded content from the Automation Store and all three downloads did not run out of the box as they were buggy and needed twaeking from someone within NetApp. QA???


regards, Niels


Re: CIFS report from Storage Automation Store


I just figured out that the download page of the Automatin Store refers to TR-4122


Actually I find it rather disturbing that although I downloaded a pre-generated report I actually have to download, install and use the Eclipse BIRT designer in order to make the report work.


Content from the Automation Store should be usable out-of-the-box and Eclipse BIRT report designer is a pretty advanced tool.

Having to use this tool in order to make a report work indicates a broken workflow to me.


regards, Niels

Re: CIFS report from Storage Automation Store


Thanks Niels. Your feedback is noted, and we'll see if the reports can be shipped with very very minimal changes expected from user (without using BIRT Report Designer).




Re: CIFS report from Storage Automation Store


Hi Niels, The CIFS share report has ben reposted in to Storage Automation Store. Please try the report with the steps provided in the prerequisite and let us know the feedback. Thanks for the feedback.




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