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Cannot configure 7Mode connection to Harvest


I am using the latest (1.2.2) version of Harvest.  It is gathering metrics fine from a number of CDOT clusters.  I am configuring it to connect to a 7-Mode cluster.  I have followied the install guide and created a new user on the 7Mode controller as follows:


> useradmin role add harvest -c "Grafana-Harvest Access" -a login-http-admin,api-system-get-version,api-system-get-info,api-perf-object-*,api-ems-autosupport-log

> useradmin group add harvest-grp -c "Grafana-Harvest" -r harvest

> useradmin user add harvest -c "Grafana-Harvest" -n "NetApp Harvest" -g harvest-grp


Going into the Harvest menu and configuring a connection, the authentication fails.  The 'login-http-admin' privilege is defined for my user, so I cannot tell why the connection setup is failing.


Just as a test, I also tried to setup the Harvest connection as the root user, and that also failed.  So I do not think the problem is related to the username, but maybe to a security option which is set on the controller?





Re: Cannot configure 7Mode connection to Harvest


Just found the answer.  Our controllers had the tls.enable option off.  Set tls.enable=on on BOTH CONTROLLERS, and Harvest can now connect.

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